the innocence mission
birds of my neighborhood

Produced by the innocence mission
Badman Recording Co. / Kneeling Elephant / Sony

re-mastered in 2006


1. Where Does The Time Go?
2. Snow        
3. Follow Me 
4. The Lakes Of Canada 
5. You Are The Light
6. Birdless    

7. I Haven't Seen This Day Before
8. She May Turn Around
9. I Was In The Air
10. July
11. Going Away
12. Green Grass, Red Tree




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Kindly words about My Room in the Trees...

“Luxuriously hushed and as moving as a Nick Drake record sung by Joni Mitchell, My Room is another remarkable gem.”
– The Big Takeover • 2010

"they’re all about doing more with less, and letting faint echoes and whispers lead listeners into the alluringly calm world of The Innocence Mission, where every shady spot on the grass is its own wonderland." - the Onion 2010

"Self penned songs representing her relationships with the world and people around her. The trio have stripped the sound right back and it makes you feel every note, every word, a top listening experience."
- Fatea Records UK 2011

"...full of subtle colors and variations" - the Philadelphia Inquirer

" simple but profound's hard not to smile listening to these songs; they make you realize just how beautiful the world can be."
- US Catholic

" a lovely meditation on the minutia of life" - Paste

"these songs are typically thoughtful, impressionistic statements of unwavering faith, quiet determination, and an almost childlike sense of wonder." - Acoustic Guitar Magazine Dec. • 2010

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